New Youth Group Series: Amplify

In January  we start a brand new youth group series called Amplify where we will be exploring the fact that, when it comes to faith, all of us have doubts. And yet, for many of us, church feels like the last place we can go to ask questions. Doubts feel like something we should hide, ignore, or silence. If doubt had a volume dial, we feel like we should be turning it down. But is that really the truth? Does having faith mean we can’t have doubt (or vice versa)? In Amplify we’ll discover that asking the right questions and wrestling with our doubt can amplify our faith in unexpected ways. 

Amplify will take place on January 15, February 19, February 26, and an exciting conclusion with an Open Mic on March 5th.

Parents: find out more about what we’re talking with this Parent Cue meant especially for you! In it you will find a synopsis of the teachings, some encouragement, and some ideas to try in your own home.