March 12 Youth Group Recap

It was a full afternoon and evening at Youth Group on the 12th as we had 3 separate tracks going on for Youth Group! Read all about it below:

Confirmation Week 4: “And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord, conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary” (8th Graders)

This week we zoomed in on Mary: the unlikely god-bearer who said yes to God’s invitation despite the difficulties that being an unwed mother would bring. Confirmands used this as a springboard to consider the ways that God continues to call individual Christians and Christian communities today and what their personal callings might be to share Christ with others.

Sticky Faith Week 1 (12th Graders)

DCPC Seniors enjoyed their first session of Sticky Faith at the Davis residence in Mooresville! Bonita and Eric led an active discussion covering the first two chapters of Sticky Faith. This was followed up by a delicious cookout and more conversation by the fire.

Bottom lines:

  • The real gospel is centered on grace, not works.
  • Having a scripturally informed view of our identities will help us keep our faith at the center of who we are and what we do.

I’m In Week 1 (6th & 7th and 9th-11th Graders)

We kicked off this 4 part series by taking a look at the story of Mary Magdalene. We don’t know a whole lot about Mary’s life, but we do know that her relationship with Jesus started when Christ cured her from something she was powerless against. Turns out that encounter was just the beginning as something about Jesus met a need that Mary may not have even realized she had: supporting Jesus and the disciples gave her a purpose and a direction that took her all the way to the foot of the cross and then to the empty tomb on Easter morning. All of us, like Mary, have needs in our lives that only Jesus can meet. When we are able to admit the messes in our lives and trust him to turn them into something beautiful, we take an important step towards being in with Jesus.

Bottom line: Following God starts with knowing your need.