Youth Sunday 2017 In Review

Sermon transcripts available here

A Note from Nyra:

Oh Matt, Please tell all the wonderful kids that this year’s Youth Sunday Service was the best I have seen.  I was so proud of them all and they should be proud of themselves.  People are still coming up to me to say how they could “hear and understand” them all.
Working you with young people is always a blessing to me.  You are so special and our country and world will be in good hands when you are adults involved in it all.
Stay kind, courteous, and helpful.  Continue to participate in your church and your country.  Remember the words of the 4 youth sermons.  God is always there to support, comfort and guide you to be your very best selves as you continue to help His kingdom on earth become more like His kingdom in heaven.
Learn to sit quietly and just talk to Him about your fears, hopes and dreams.  Invite Him each morning to go with you through the day and “have your back”.  You will be amazed and how much easier all the hard stuff becomes.
Thank you all for the opportunity to maybe help you a little bit – present your best self to the people who sit in the pews of our church.  They need to understand how very special you are and how very special your gifts are as you share them.
Love you all.  Remember, Louder, Slower, and Pronounce every word!  lol     And remember this ole lady loves you and is so very proud.  Go forth and Shine!