You Choose: Next Year’s Middle School Youth Group Series

Want to have a say in what we talk about in Youth Group next year? Check out the descriptions of some of the series we’re considering and then vote in the poll below. Want more details? Find longer descriptions of the different series here.

All Access (Loving God/Easter)
Many people have an image of God as distant and someone or something we humans don’t have access to. But Easter presents us with a different view of God: through Jesus God is showing us that we have an all-access pass to God and the life God intends for us.

Escape Room (Dealing with stress)
Most of us try to deal with stress by escaping it. But what if by trying to escape stress we’re making the situation worse? In this series we’ll take a look at the Bible’s wisdom for dealing with stress and how it can shape us into the people God calls us to be.

Judgment Call (Loving others)
We all know that we’re not supposed to judge others, but it seems like we can’t stop ourselves from judging anyways. But when we look at the world through God’s lens for judgment
, we’ll find that the way we see both ourselves and other people will be changed.

No Filter (Social Media)
The Bible doesn’t say much about social media, but it does offer a lot of advice that’s really helpful as we navigate our social lives online. We might even find God’s plan for us isn’t to use social media less, but instead enjoy it more as we learn which things are better with no filter.

Sex Is (Sexuality)
Everyone has an idea of what sex is, but what was it actually created to be? Because if everyone has such a strong idea of what it could be and should be, maybe we need to turn to the Creator of sex to find out what it is really and how we live with what we learn.

Strength in Numbers (Friendships)
As we grow older, our friends become even more influential and that influence can take us where we want to go and where we don’t want to go. As we look to the Bible for advice, we’ll discover how we should choose our friends and mentors, and how we should handle those friendships that fade over time.

Upside Down (Following Christ)
Jesus had a habit of living and teaching ideas that were completely opposite of how we as people normally operate. This was especially true when Jesus talked about how we treat people, specifically people who like us, people who don’t, and people we don’t even notice.

What Makes You Happy (Making wise choices)
We all want happiness but, if happiness is the goal, why is it so hard to hang on to? In this series, we begin to ask the question, what makes you happy? One thing we’ll find is that Jesus cares a lot about our happiness but the happiness Jesus wants for us has less with a what, and more with a Who.

The Who in the How (Science & Faith)
When it comes to the big questions about life and where it came from, it seems like there’s a God Team and a Science Team and we have to pick a side. But what if you didn’t have to actually choose between faith and science? When we remember to include the Who (God) behind the how (science), we’ll see that not only is science not the opposite of faith, it can actually be a catalyst to strengthen it.

Your Move (Family Relationships)
Families can be tricky: we love these people but we’re stuck with them. Forever. Thankfully, the Bible has a lot to say about how we live with and treat the people who love us and aggravate us the most—our family.

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