Montreat 2017 Update (Updated 7/16)

Thirteen youth and four leaders are set to enjoy week 5 of the Montreat Youth Conference this July! We will be there July 23-29. Here are a few updates about our week in Montreat:

Departure We will meet in the Youth Lounge at 1 pm on Sunday July 23rd. We’ll have a quick meeting and then get on the road to Montreat.

Forms We definitely need a Montreat Covenant & Medical Information form for every participant. We also need a DCPC Youth Emergency Contact & Medical Release for participants who have not turned one in this year so far.

Jeremiah Project Jeremiah Project assists Keynote with various on-stage responsibilities. If you are interested in applying for JP, complete this application by July 18.

Variety Show Considering entering an act into the Variety Show? See Matt for application info.

Packing List:

  • Montreat & DCPC Forms
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants or jeans (in case you are on stage)
  • Shoes (bring something pretty sturdy–lots of walking and hills, plus hiking and rock hopping!)
  • Sandals/flip-flops
  • Jacket or fleece
  • Socks & undergarments
  • Raincoat/raingear
  • Toiletries (linens provided)
  • Bible, notebook, pen/pencil
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Medicines & prescriptions
  • Money (merchandise, snacks, offering, etc)
  • Snacks to share with the group
  • Swimsuit (for pool, optional)
  • Old T-shirts (for rec event, optional)
  • Items for mission project (see below, optional)

Dress Code As we build a Christian community based on mutual trust and respect, Montreat Conference Center seeks to respect the choices of individuals in expressing themselves while setting norms to establish an atmosphere conducive to faith development and personal growth. Throughout the Youth Conference, participants are discouraged from wearing clothing that:

  • is too revealing (e.g., clothing that is too tight or transparent; clothing with extremely short hem-lines; shirts that reveal a bare midriff; visible undergarments).
  • advertises alcohol, tobacco products or other substances abusive to the body.
  • contains language or images that ridicule a person’s gender, sexuality, or geographic/ethnic origin.

Daily Themes Each year our graduated seniors lead us in (optional) clothing themes to add a bit of fun to the packing list and some group bonding:

Monday Meow Monday (wear something cat-related)
T-Shirt Tuesday (wear your DCPC Youth shirt, still have plenty of these available!)
Hero Hump Day (wear something from your favorite superhero)
Jersey Thursday (support your favorite sports team)
Force Friday (wear something Star Wars related)

Communion This year communion will be served on Tuesday & Thursday. Some participants like to dress up for worship services with communion but this is definitely not required.

Mission Project This year’s mission project will support the Asheville Youth Mission. We will be assembling first aid kits that will be distributed to housing insecure individuals in Asheville. If you would like to contribute to the first aid kit that DCPC Youth will be providing, please shop our registry for mission items!

Final Payment is Now Due You can drop a check at the office or pay online (please make sure to include “MYC – [Student’s Name]” in the memo field).

Return We will be back about 12:30 pm on Saturday July 29th.

Housing This year we are staying in Assembly Inn, the heart of Montreat itself! All of our rooms will be adjacent to each other and we will have a dedicated meeting spot for when we meet as a group. We will also be eating in Assembly Inn so we won’t have far to go for meals.

Mobile phones Before we get on the road on July 23rd we are going to spend some time creating a new plan for when we have access to our phones. While we will decide in advance on certain windows where we have our phones, they will stay with the leaders the majority of the time (except on Friday).

Back home group time In order to be more intentional about connecting as a community, we will be meeting in small groups for 30 minutes for highs and lows and prayer. Groups will be 4-7 youth and 1 leader and each group will decide independently when to meet that day. We will have back home group time after evening worship to discuss worship and for prayer.

Affirmations We are going to tweak our affirmation process this year to not only recognize our seniors, but to also affirm everyone else on our trip as well in a meaningful way. This will be explained a bit more at our pre-trip meeting. If you have any ideas on how to make this a great experience for everyone, please talk to one of our leaders!