10 Things About Next Year (Updated 9/6)

Want a preview of what will be happening in DCPC Youth during 2017-2018? Then you’re in the right place! You can find #6-10 here.

1. Going Deeper: A Discipleship Journey A lot of times in churches we throw around the idea of growing in the faith. But what does that really mean? And how do we even get there? Here’s a great definition for the kind of faith we’re talking about: “Trusting Jesus in a way that transforms how I love God, myself, and the rest of the world.” And what about growing? Growing implies something dynamic: that we start with a smaller faith (mustard seed-sized maybe?) and, with time and care, that faith can grow. Or we might talk about a faith journey, where we start in one place and end up in another. Others will talk about going deeper in their faith, where we start in the shallows and learn to dive or dig down below the surface. No matter your preferred metaphor, we can agree on one thing: faith is not a one-time, static gift. Learning to trust Jesus is a process that we can engage with our whole being for our whole life. Going Deeper is all about helping youth, their parents, and their SGLs figure out where a youth’s faith is in 3 critical areas of faith (Worshiping God, Following Christ, and Doing Good (sound familiar?)) and choosing a good next step to go deeper (or further or bigger). You can expect some clear milestones to know where you are and practical ideas on how to take that next step. Growing in our faith isn’t easy, but the process can be simple.

2. Parent Group All parents want to be better parents and one of the best ways we can do that is to be in contact with other parents facing the same joys and challenges as we are! To that end we are starting a weekly Parent Group that will meet at the same time as Youth Group (5:30-6:30 pm) starting on September 17. Don’t worry: parents and youth won’t be mixing for their respective groups. We are excited to make this possible and wanting to get this group started was one of the reasons we are moving towards simultaneous middle & high school.

3. New Youth Group Times If you are the parent of a middle and high schooler, get ready to cheer: Middle School & High School Youth Group will now take place at the same time! Here’s the new schedule for Youth Group (starting 9/17):

5:00 – 5:30 pm Youth Dinner
5:30 – 6:30 pm Youth Group for Middle & High School

4. New Volunteer Teams Now that Small Groups are in place, we are now on the lookout for leaders to help us continue to improve the experiences we are offering to youth on Sunday nights at Youth Group and our special events. Here are the teams we are looking to fill with excited volunteers who want to help move our ministry forward:

Youth Group Team This team will be helping to facilitate all sorts of stuff on Sunday nights: dinner, tech, setup and clean up for Small Group rooms, greeters, crossing guards, and more. This is the biggest and most frequent thing we do so many hands will make light work!
Special Events Team We will have a variety of special events this year: Rally Day, the Fall Retreat, White Gift Service, 30 Hour Famine, and some other surprises. This team’s work will be to make sure everyone has a fun and safe experience by creating environments where leaders and youth can connect.
Discipleship Team Helping youth grow in their faith will be a major focus this year (more on that in a couple weeks!) and we are looking for volunteers who will walk alongside youth as they follow Christ. These leaders will be spiritual coaches who help equip youth with the people, practices, and perspectives that prepare them for faith after high school.
Parent Engagement Team We are looking to add some new opportunities for parents (more new on that next week!) and looking to enlist parents as volunteers in all the above teams. The PET will be reaching out horizontally to share our vision and enlist parents who want to be stakeholders in our ministry.

Ready to hop on a team? Use this form to sign up.

5. DCPC Youth App Wouldn’t it be great if you could get DCPCY updates, see upcoming events, get in touch with your small group, and connect with others all in one place? Pretty soon you will be able to! We are currently beta testing a new app that will put all those great features in one place. If you want to try it out, follow this link for installation instructions.


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