Money Matters – Our Follow Christ Focus for October

October is going to be the start of something brand new for DCPC Youth: Going Deeper, our discipleship journey. The goal of Going Deeper is to help youth locate themselves on a spiritual map of sorts and then take a good next step towards a deeper faith. Each month we will provide those next steps in two main categories: Worship God (spiritual habits such as prayer and reading scripture) and Follow Christ (ways of being in and seeing the world that imitate Jesus).

Our first monthly focus is Money Matters because, simply put, money matters. It matters a lot. Money is one of the most commonly talked about subjects in the Bible. Even Jesus, who was basically homeless, taught with and about money all the time. Money also matters because it affects all of us and, unless we learn to manage our money, our money will manage us instead.

In addition to talking about the Christian idea of stewardship, our hope is also to be practical. In an informal poll of our college-aged Discipleship Team members and Staff Associate for Youth Ministry, none of us could really remember anyone sitting down and helping us navigate money management in church. We think there is more the Church can be saying and doing to equip students with the wisdom and skills they need to be God-loving adults who are wise with their finances.

So, here is how we’re going to do that:

D-Group (Short for Discipleship Group) This is a conversation-centered approach similar to what we do at Youth Group. The difference is that D-Groups will not be on Sunday nights and they will be a limited run. October’s D-Group series is Own It and it will run 2 weeks: October 11 & 18 from 6:45-7:45 pm in the Youth Lounge. Participants are welcome to come early for dinner at Wednesday Night Live. Co-leaders for this D-Group are Lee Hunter (a Davidson College student and D-Team Member) and Matt Wiggins.

Individual Can’t make the D-Group but still interested? We will make teaching videos and questions for reflection/journaling available that you can do on your own time or with a mentor, friend, or family.

Family Later in the month we will make available family activities that are extremely practical but teach core ideas of stewardship and are also (dare I say it?) kind of fun.

Excited yet? Great! Let us know what you are excited about so we can make sure we get you what you need so you can explore Money Matters:

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