Fall Fun Day @ Rural Hill Farm

6th-11th graders are headed out for a different sort of crop walk: the Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill Farm! This is by far the toughest corn maze in the area and will challenge everyone who enters it. You can also select your level of difficulty: just getting through the maze or collecting all the “game pieces” to complete the map. It’s not a coincidence that we’re doing this in the middle of Escape Room either . . .

Meanwhile, seniors will be heading to the home of Eric Davis for a cook-out. Look for more details in an email soon!

Here are the details for the trip to Rural Hill Farm:

Date Sunday October 29th

Location Rural Hill Farm

Time 5-7 pm (drop off and pick up are both at Rural Hill Farm)

Cost $11 (this will cover the cost of the corn maze; hay rides, food from vendors, etc. will cost extra)

We will provide snacks and drinks at a central meeting area. Carpooling is encouraged! Talk to your child’s Small Group Leaders or other parents if you have questions about getting to or from the event.