Youth Group @ Home

We will be concluding our two current series, Escape Room and Deal With It, in a unique way: at home! There are two reasons for this:

  1. These conversations we have been having about stress are super important and we want to make sure that parents are also included in these conversations. Today’s young people face unprecedented levels of stress and are looking for ways of coping that are soul-freeing and life giving. As a congregation and as families, we want to make sure we are giving our youth the best when it comes to managing stress.
  2. Our Small Group Leaders have had an intense Youth Group schedule so far this fall so we want to give them a night off of leadership and a chance to share their experience with ministry leadership so we can continue to make things better for them and for our youth. So, instead of Youth Group on November 5th, we will be having a special dinner and conversation with just SGLs and SGL coaches.

Here’s how Youth Group @ Home can work:

  1. We will share the materials for YG@H through a special email and through the DCPC Youth app. We’ll send a link to a YouTube video and a set of discussion/reflection questions. The video will set up the topic for the evening and will act as a springboard for conversation. Use as many or as few of the discussion questions as you’d like! There’s no wrong or right way to have a conversation.
  2. Pick a time and date that works for you. You could have the conversation over dinner or on that long drive to the next tournament or appointment. In other words: this doesn’t have to be a special event in the life of your family. Following your family’s natural rhythm might even be best.
  3. Invite others! Maybe YG@H would be fun with another family, either already in our church or at a different church or not at a church at all. Or use this as an opportunity to Widen the Circle and invite over some adults who would be positive voices in the lives of our youth.
  4. Escape Room and Deal With It are both about stress and both will be covering the same topic that week. If a middle and high schooler are in the home you are free to use either one. They both approach their respective audiences in ways that are developmentally appropriate, but not to the exclusion of the other audience.

Look for YG@H materials to be released on Monday October 30th!