Christmas in Davidson

DCPC Youth have an opportunity to Do Good at Christmas in Davidson again this year on Thursday November 30th, Friday December 1st, and Saturday December 2nd! There are two main ways we can help: in the Congregation House as we host Santa, around the sanctuary as we host concerts from Bailey Middle School and Hough High School, and all over town with Pieter’s Pals, a fundraising organization for pediatric cancer supported by DCPC’s Preschool.

Follow these links to sign up:

DCPC Hosts (Act as hosts for families visiting with Santa and/or greet visitors attending the concerts)

Pieter’s Pals¬†(Volunteers will sell festive light up toys to benefit Pediatric Cancer and educate people about Pediatric Cancer)

After we wrap up on December 1st we will be screening Star Wars РEpisode VII: The Force Awakens downstairs in the Youth Lounge!