New MS Series: Great Expectations

We’re starting a new Youth Group series in Middle School this week! It’s called Great Expectations and here’s what we’re talking about:

There are few things as confusing as dating in Middle School. When can I date? Who should I date? How can I date without a drivers license? That said, it doesn’t matter if dating is in the present or the future, we still have lots of ideas about what those relationships will be like and who that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend might be. Whatever our current status might be, taking a closer look at ourselves, our motivations, and expectations can set us up for great relationships in the future.

Week 1 (March 11) Every day we’re presented with images of what the perfect couple looks like and, because of that, we have pretty high expectations for the kind of person we want to date. But what if there was one secret question that could set us up for success in our future relationships and it isn’t about the person we want to date? That would be a question worth asking .

Week 2 (March 25) We’re all passionate about something: sports, school, friends, family, a collection, or a hobby. And that’s great! God created us to be passionate people. But we also know there’s a line where we go from passionate to something else: obsession. Obsessions have the power to take our freedom and create regret. So how do we navigate relationships in a way that frees us from obsession? We’ll explore that question in week 2.

Week 3 (April 8) What’s your most valuable possession? I bet it’s changed over the years. That teddy bear that you couldn’t leave home without probably sits in a corner while your phone, sneakers, or laptop now hold that prized spot. That’s not really that strange: we tend to value things based on what they give us in return. And while that’s fine with stuff, what gives a person value? Knowing the answer to that question will have a huge impact on all of our relationships.


Great Expectations at Home We hope that parents and kids can continue the conversation after Youth Group wraps up. Here are some resources to help you do just that:

Dating Agreement Parents and students can use this dating agreement as a starting point for conversations about dating. Add, delete, and fill it out together.

Dating Conversation Guide This Conversation Guide for parents has ideas for what to say and what not to say for before, during, and after dating relationships.

Parent Cue for Great Expectations Things to know, remember, and do within your family.

Personal Values Think through your personal values with this questionnaire that will help you prioritize what needs prioritizing while dating.

Who Am I Looking For? This is another activity for parents and students to work on together to help clarify what the student is looking for in a potential date.