Me Time (Updated for 10/8-10/19)

Me Time is a daily next step to go deeper in our vision (Worship God / Follow Christ / Do Good) as individuals. Each day features a quick scripture and thought that falls into one of our six spiritual habits:

Worship God Habits

Pray to God Talking to God
Hear from God Hearing from God through scripture, creation, and other people

Follow Christ Habits

Talk About God Talking about God with friends and mentors and hearing them talk about their faith.
Living for God Learning to worship by living life in a way that honors God.

Do Good Habits

Hearing God’s Call Discovering the good works that God created us to do
Seeking God’s Justice Engaging in God’s righting of the wrongs in our world

Me Time will show up on our Instagram feed, in print at Youth Group, and available for download below: