Know God Dinners

On November 4th we want to help your family win at having some great conversation and memory-making! Know God dinners will give you some fun activities and conversation starters to help dads and kids to share stories about how they have gotten to know God and seen God at work in their lives and their families. Our host for the evening is Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza in downtown Davidson and, best of all, we have the upstairs all to ourselves so you’ll see other DCPC friends will be nearby as well.

We have space for 10 families in 2 time slots each, so make sure you sign up soon!

Q. Hey! What do you have against moms?
A. Trust me, DCPC Youth loves moms! This is going to be an annual tradition so your turn will come up next year 🙂

Q. Waitasecond, isn’t this during Youth Group?
A. We actually won’t have YG on 11/4.

Q. No Youth Group? What gives?
A. Our Small Group Leaders do a big job and we think it’s super important to give them training opportunities so they can get better, get inspired, and get connected with each other. And since weekly Youth Group is a big commitment already, we try to do these fall training events during the Youth Group time slot so they don’t have to commit to anything extra. We’ll miss seeing all the students, but this will give SGLs a well-deserved break!

A. I guess that’s fine. Can’t say that I really like the cut of your jib.
Q. Don’t forget, we are having the Fall Retreat the next weekend! So if you are signed up for that you get like a whole weekend of Youth Group. You mind if I ask you a question?

A. Yeah, shoot.
Q. Why do you talk like a 1950’s street tough?

A. Basically at this point I’m just typing stuff to see if anyone comments on it because they actually read this far.
A. Oh, I get it. Well, good seeing ya. Have a great day!

A. See ya around, wise guy.