Direct Message: Prayer Apps for Lent

Are you looking for a new way to hear from God or pray to God during Lent this year? Your phone is a great tool to help you connect with God, especially when you set reminders to make sure you don’t forget! Here are some favorite apps that can give you some direction when hearing from God or praying to God:

  • 365 Gratitude Listing 3 things that we are grateful for on a daily basis has been scientifically proven to have a ton of positive effects on our brain and mood! This app gives daily prompts and space to record what we are thankful for.
  • Bible App YouVersion’s Bible app has a ton of different Bible translations in addition to reading plans which will prompt you every day to read scripture and a quick devotion to help you understand what you’ve read. Many Bible translations include an audio version so you can listen instead of reading.
  • Ceaseless Each day you will be prompted to pray for 3 (or more) contacts on your phone. This is a great way to pray for a variety of people (and your favorite pizza shop).
  • Daily Prayer This app is put out by the PC(USA) and has daily Bible readings that follow the Revised Common Lectionary in addition to prayer prompts for throughout the day.
  • Inner Room This app was created by the same people behind 24/7 Prayer Rooms and it includes a way to track prayer requests and then will randomly select requests and guide you in prayer and listening through audio prompts.
  • Lectio 365 Another app from the 24/7 Prayer movement. Each day has a morning (a simple rhythm inspired by lectio divina prayer) and evening (reflection on the day) segment. You can read or listen.
  • Pause App This app has guided reflection/prayer in varying lengths and covering varying topics. This is a great one if you just need to hit pause on your day for a minute and connect with God.
  • Reimagining the Examen The examen is an ancient form of prayer that guides us through reflection on our day and discovering where God was and was not present. This guided examen includes prayer and reflection prompts.