New HS Series – Back to Life

We’re kicking off a new series this week all about Easter! When life gets hard and things don’t turn out the way we hoped, it’s easy to believe that God is distant and that our story is over. But Easter reminds us that just the opposite is true. Through Easter we’ll discover that Jesus is a God who isn’t distant and hasn’t abandoned us. In fact, He’s always working to bring our stories back to life

WEEK 1 March 31 – Sometimes life can feel like a movie gone wrong. You hope for a happy ending, but then the credits roll and the story is over. Believe it or not, the Easter story in the Bible played out just like that. This week, as we see how the story continued to unfold even when everyone thought it was over, we’ll see that—because of Jesus—we can have hope that our story isn’t over, either

WEEK 2 April 7 – If the story of Easter feels like a distant thing that’s hard to believe, then you’re not alone. As we look to understand how we can believe the Easter story is more than just a story, we’ll also come to understand why the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus truly matters in our lives today.

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