The 30 Challenge

What would happen if you committed to spending 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row on _____________?

You could fill in that blank with a skill like a sport or an instrument or school stuff like reading or writing or math. No matter what you did for those 900 minutes, you would be much better at it when the month was over than when you began.

But let’s think about it a different way: what if you spent 30 minutes a day for 30 days on a relationship: communicating, sharing, hanging out. That would be a much deeper relationship by the end, right?

The 30 Challenge is about building skills and a relationship. For 30 minutes a day over 30 days, you will build confidence in your ability to read the Bible on your own, reflect on what you read through journaling, and pray. All of those skills together ultimately will bring you closer to God as you spend consistent time together.

Let’s face it: we’re never going to have a better time to build those skills and that relationship than over the summer and June has 30 days! Plus we’ll be doing this together as a community! You can share or watch reflections on scripture on the DCPC Youth Insta account, join meet-ups to talk about the challenge and what we’ve been reading, and get support from other youth and leaders.

The 30 Challenge is open to youth, their families, and our leaders and our goal is for 30 of us to participate this summer! If you’re ready, sign up below: