Rally Day Open House 2019

This year’s Rally Day is Sunday September 8th, 2019! Rally Day is the official kick-off for the new year at DCPC and we are excited to host parents and youth at 9:45 am for opening gatherings. Here’s what you need to know:

YOUTH will be meeting down in the Youth Lounge (downstairs in the Congregation House) to share a bit about their summers, help select some of the series and topics we’ll be talking about in Youth Group this summer, and enjoying a cereal bar with everyone’s breakfasty favorites.

PARENTS will be meeting their kids’ Small Group Leaders in Room ABC (upstairs in the Congregation House) to discover what they can expect from the new phases every student is starting. Expect some roundtable discussion about the challenges and opportunities each phases presents plus some info on how DCPC Youth wants to help you win at parenting this year. What’s a phase and why is it a big deal? Click here to find out.

Rally Day Open House is followed by worship in the sanctuary at 11 am and an all church picnic after worship. Youth Group officially kicks off later that day with the Big Sunday Bash 5-6:30 pm.