The Cure for Boredom

[Site editor’s note: this webpage is actually from another website and was captured from shortly before the links to the original website went dead. It is the belief of this site editor that the work of Dr. J. E. Tweniner are too important to allow to be “deleted,” especially after his mysterious disappearance on 27 March 2020. It is our hope that the collective cleverness of the community will be able to access the files through Dr. Tweniner’s password reminder and share his important research on the cure for boredom with the entire world, especially as it is so necessary right now. Best of luck to all who attempt to crack Dr. Tweniner’s research!]

Dr. TweninerWelcome to the personal website of Dr. J. E. Tweniner, one of the world’s top researchers in the field of human tediology (the study of boredom). Very soon I hope to reveal my groundbreaking research on a new treatment regimen that might end boredom forever. I realize that there are several corporate and non-state actors that are very much opposed to my work, but I will continue to study, evaluate, and publish as possible. Continue to watch this space for updates on my research.

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