Summer Trips 2020 Update

What’s happening with summer trips?

The short answer:

Bad news: Summer trips are not happening this summer 😥

Good news: We hope to be able to do something special together this summer and have even started generating ideas for what that could look like, but it will all depend on what state and federal governments are allowing for gathering numbers and social distancing measures. In other words: we’re hopeful but have nothing definitive to share yet.

The 3 minutes and 17 seconds answer:

And just a little more answer:

I’m trying to do 2 things simultaneously with this email: give a quick answer to the people who just want a quick answer and grieve with the people who have lost a trip they were looking forward to. So, if the short answer seems too short or the long answer too long, that may be why. Thanks for bearing with me either way 🙂

It truly breaks my heart that I am adding another layer to a disappointment cake that all of us are being forced to eat. And my heart is extra broken for our seniors who were looking forward to the special send-offs that happen in the spring and summer trips. I promise you that we will do our best to do something special to celebrate seniors in a meaningful way as soon as we can. We haven’t forgotten our seniors and we grieve with them.

If you were signed up for a trip, look for an email from me soon detailing what we can do about refunds. Thankfully our summer trip partners are being super cool and easy to deal with, but they also have costs that start well before we arrive so not everything may be refundable.

Finally, DCPC Youth is a partnership between DCPC and your family and I take it very seriously that anyone’s children coming to youth group is a huge amount of trust placed in us. Taking someone out of town and away for several days and nights is an even bigger amount of trust. That’s why it is so important to me to be worthy of the trust you place in our ministry and me personally. This is a hard decision, but it is the decision I would want the people I’m entrusting my kids to make. If you have questions about the decision, or just want to share disappointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out.