Safely Conncted @Home

We are going to make the best of the stay-at-home directive for the next few weeks by changing up a bit of what we usually do and adding some additional fun opportunities. After the descriptions, you’ll find an interest form to let you know what you’d like to do. This isn’t an official registration or anything, just something to help us gauge numbers for each offering.

I want to stay connected to my small group & have some fun

Great! Youth Group will continue on Zoom on January 17th and January 24th at the regular start times (2:00 pm for middle school, 4:30 pm for high school). We know Zoom fatigue is real so we’ll keep it to 30-40 minutes. You can expect a group game to start, a quick message to set up check in time, and then check-in time with small groups. Since we’re still technically in Vibes, we’ll be using the feelings wheel as a way to process what is going on inside of us.

We will also stay connected to Vibes with a watch party of Pixar’s Inside Out! This incredible movie features a great story and is based on really interesting science that explains how our brains process and regulate our emotions. Inside Out and the watch party feature are available on Disney+. Day and time will be announced soon!

I want to connect intergenerationally

On January 31st we will be reimagining our traditional Valentines Dinner with the SAGES (members of our congregation over the age of 60) with conversations in groups of SAGES and youth over Zoom. Each group will have a host equipped with conversation starters, questions, and games to keep things lively. Check back here soon for the time.

I want to connect with God

  • Explained Since we’re taking a few weeks off from teaching in Youth Group, we’re going to be moving the next series on the schedule to a different day/time/format. We know that not everyone has the capacity for some extra thinking right now, so this is an opportunity that you opt into. Once we know who is in, we’ll select a time and day for the 3 weeks of the series. The format will be a message video with frequent breaks to discuss and ask questions over a Zoom call. And the Explained series itself is all about the Bible and why we read it and why it’s such a big deal to Christians. Each night of Explained will be 30-40 minutes.
  • Live in GraceWalk in Love Devotional Bob Goff is a master storyteller and a bottomless well of inspiration and joy! His latest book is a 365 day devotional of reflections that will help us to step out in love and confidence in every aspect of our lives. Books like this are better when we read them together so we will be starting a GroupMe message for readers of the book to share their thoughts and responses to the daily reflection question. Need a copy of the book? You can read it for free on your phone or Kindle if you’re a Prime subscriber. Matt would be happy to order a copy for anyone who just has to hold the book in their hands.
  • Vibes Devotional If a whole year of devotionals seems a bit much, how about a 4 week daily devotional that goes along with our current series that you can read in the YouVersion Bible app? You can even set daily reminders and join a group discussion for each day’s readings. Click here to get started!

I want to have some fun

  • Board games over Zoom There are some great games that we can play together via Zoom (including Pandemic!). If you have a favorite, suggest it in the form below and we’ll try to get your small group together to play.
  • Watch parties What other movies would you love to watch with your small group friends? Let us know!
  • Among Us Look for Among Us games with your favorite DCPC friends.

Hopefully within those options you can find something to make the next 3 weeks better! Use the form below to let us know what options sound good to you and offer your own suggestions