Summer Series: Habits

While we won’t be meeting for Youth Group this summer, you still have an opportunity to grow in your faith at your pace no matter where you travel or what you have going on! Habits is a 5 week faith experience that will introduce you to the 4 faith habits and how they can connect you with God. You can experience Habits on your own, in a group of friends, or with a faith mentor (an adult). Here’s how it will work:

  1. Figure out how you want to engage with Habits. If you want to do it on your own, go ahead and register. If you would like to do it with some friends, with a mentor, with some friends and a mentor, or with family members, figure that out and make the invitations (you’re welcome to share Habits with people who don’t even go to DCPC!). If you need some help finding a mentor, let us know and we’ll be happy to connect you with someone!
  2. Pick a start date and get registered (see form below).
  3. After you register, you’ll receive a Habits journal and links to the weekly videos. If you’re in a group, we will also provide supplies for your group’s meetings.
  4. Each of the 5 weeks will have a similar rhythm:
    1. To start the “week,” you’ll watch a video and either journal (on your own) or discuss (in a group) and complete some activities that will help everything make sense.
    2. Each day for the rest of the week you’ll read a quick Bible verse and reflection in your journal and answer a question.
    3. Then everything starts over with a new video, new group meeting, and new activities to start the next week. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to talk through what you journaled about for the daily readings.

We’re really excited about this opportunity to grow in faith and stay connected to God and to each other! If you’re all set, register by using the form below: