Montreat 2021 Final Details

We’re getting close to this year’s Montreat Youth Conference trip! Here are all the final details you need to be ready to go on the 22nd!

Departure If you are joining us in the bus, we will meet behind the Congregation House to leave at 1 pm on Sunday July 25th.

Packing List:

  1. Masks
  2. Shirts & shorts
  3. Pants or jeans (in case you are on stage)
  4. Shoes (bring something pretty sturdy–lots of walking and hills, plus hiking and rock hopping!)
  5. Sandals/flip-flops
  6. Jacket or fleece
  7. Socks & undergarments
  8. Swimsuit (for the pool, optional)
  9. Raincoat or umbrella
  10. Toiletries (linens provided)
  11. Bible, notebook, pen/pencil
  12. Flashlight
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Water bottle
  15. Medicines & prescriptions
  16. Money (merchandise, snacks, offering, etc)
  17. Snacks to share with the group
  18. Something soft sit on for outdoor small groups (towel, yoga mat, etc.)
  19. Snack to share

Dress Code As we build a Christian community based on mutual trust and respect, Montreat Conference Center seeks to respect the choices of individuals in expressing themselves while setting norms to establish an atmosphere conducive to faith development and personal growth. Throughout the Youth Conference, participants are discouraged from wearing clothing that:

  • is too revealing (e.g., clothing that is too tight or transparent; clothing with extremely short hem-lines; shirts that reveal a bare midriff; visible undergarments).
  • advertises alcohol, tobacco products or other substances abusive to the body.
  • contains language or images that ridicule a person’s gender, sexuality, or geographic/ethnic origin.

Themes Every year the seniors pick outfit themes for each day. These are not mandatory, but add some fun! Participate in all or a few or none:

  • Mismatched Monday
  • Tropical Tuesday
  • Western Wednesday
  • Team Thursday
  • Neon Friday

Communion This year communion will be served on Wednesday. Some participants like to dress up for worship services with communion, but this is definitely not required.

Return We will be back by noon on Saturday July 31st.