Generations Trivia

Because of the pandemic, we are modifying our traditional Valentine’s Dinner with the SAGES (DCPC’s senior adults) and have created a trivia competition that will combine SAGES & youth against the Millennials and Gen Xers in our congregation in a unique challenge!

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Icebreakers to get to know your team:

  1. Name, hometown, and if you’re in school, working, retired, raising kids, etc.
  2. Find One in Five: Give your group five seconds to find one person who has something in common with them, but make it something unusual like a place they have traveled. Once they find someone, they yell, “FOUND ONE!” Then do it again, but they must find two people, and so on. Other questions: Find someone who has as many siblings as you, someone whose middle name starts with the same letter, someone whose mom’s name is the same as your mom’s name.
  3. Fact or Fiction? The Story Behind My Name. Parents often share with their children the “story” behind their names. Give members the chance to tell the story behind their name or they can make one up. Groups can vote if the story sounds like fact or fiction. This can also be done with middle names.

Round 1 Trivia Form

Round 2 Trivia Form