February & March Series: Real Talk/The One

With Valentine’s Day still in the rearview mirror and spring and prom coming up, it’s the perfect time to talk about relationships! DCPC Youth will be introducing the topics of dating and relationships and sexuality to 6th & 7th graders and high schoolers this month and next. We realize that not every teenager is dating or even wants to date, but just in case that’s in our future or the future of our friends, it’s good to have some wisdom tucked away. Here’s when we’ll be having those conversations:

6th & 7th GradersHigh Schoolers
2/20Connect WeekThe One Week 1: Becoming the one is better than finding the one.
2/27Real Talk Week 1: It’s important to have real talk about sex and dating.Connect Week
3/6Youth Sunday PrepThe One Week 2: You pick your perspective on being single.
3/13Real Talk Week 2: It’s important to have real talk about relationships.Youth Sunday Prep

Parents: we’d love to help you continue these conversations at home! Check out the Parent Cues below for some ideas on things to say and do. Note: these series are both 4 weeks long, but we won’t be able to fit all of that content in before Youth Sunday so we’re cutting them short. If you have any questions about the weeks we aren’t covering, just let us know!

Middle School:

High School: