Youth Group 2022-2023 Preview

Youth Group returns on September 11th and we are excited to get the new year going! Here’s everything you need to know:


DCPC Youth is only possible through an active and engaged team of volunteer leaders. Our team of small group leaders are there to connect with youth and help them to grow an authentic faith while our youth group support team creates a fun and welcoming space for that to happen. Click here to get to know them.

Youth Group Time

Parents with middle and high schoolers in the same home: rejoice! We are returning to one hour of youth group for middle and high school students. More good news: dinner is back!

4:30-5:30 pm
5:30-6:00 pm
6:00-7:00 pm

Youth Music
Youth Group

Content & Connect ion

We organize our Youth Group year into series and in each series we’ll be exploring a theme for several weeks. The way we explore the theme will alternate between content weeks and connection weeks. Here’s what those look like:

  • Content Weeks are split up into two parts: big group and small groups. We’ll start off by gathering in a big group for a game and a message from a speaker. Those messages are meant to be springboards to the conversation that will happen in small groups where small group leaders (SGLs) lead discussions and activities to help make the big ideas come alive and take root in our everyday lives.
  • Connection Weeks are meant to help us create deeper connections with each other and with God. A connection night will start off in small groups and then combine into a bigger group for a variety of activities: service projects, prayer stations, games, mindfulness, art, and more.

This Year’s Theme & Series

New this year is a theme that you will see running through everything we teach: Where Did You See God Today?

We will be exploring that idea in a variety of different topics that we give a name and call a series. While we may teach on a similar theme in lower and upper grades, the actual approaches are specific to the ages of students in both groups and that’s why the same theme will have different names for lower and upper grades. Here’s the 2021-2022 lineup:

Middle SchoolHigh SchoolTheme
Under the MicroscopeI WonderFaith & Science
Shake it UpMessy ChristmasAdvent
Let’s TalkElevateAnxiety & Suicide
First PlaceSimplifyGreatest Commandment

In addition to these series, all grades will experience The Good Life (transformation) at the Fall Retreat, 8th graders will begin a new Confirmation curriculum based on the Matthew 25 initiative called Commissioned to Change the World, and 11th & 12th graders will think about life and faith after high school in Sticky Faith.