Faith & Science

Science and faith don’t always seem like they can coexist. But what are students supposed to do about all the things they wonder about when they look at the world around them? Do they have to choose between using their brain or building their faith? In this series, we’ll consider how embracing intellect by exploring science might just be one of the best ways to expand our faith.

We’re excited to give students this opportunity to explore the connection between faith and science during Youth Group this month! Each series, Under the Microscope for middle schoolers and I Wonder for high schoolers, will come at the topic with their age group in mind to help tackle the questions they’re thinking about in ways that are developmentally appropriate. Here’s what the next 6 weeks will look like:

Parents: we want you to be in on the conversation too! Parent Cues correspond with what we’re teaching and are resources for you that will include things to say and do at home:

Schedule for Faith & Science Series:

DateMiddle SchoolHigh School
10/2Connect weekI Wonder week 1
10/9Under the Microscope week 1Connect week
10/16Connect weekI Wonder week 2
10/23Under the Microscope week 2Connect week
10/30Connect weekI Wonder week 3
11/6Under the Microscope week 3Connect week