Austin Pegues

About Me

I grew up in South Alabama and graduated from Auburn University in 2018. I then moved to Mooresville to work for NC DEQ with the Public Water Supply Section. I am a lifelong Presbyterian, and have attended numerous conferences at Montreat and was an active member of Ukirk in college. In my free time I enjoy anything sports related and spending time outdoors.

Top 10

  1. Auburn
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball)
  4. Country Music
  5. The Mountains
  6. Pizza
  7. TSwift
  8. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  9. Spending Time With Friends
  10. Hiking

Why I’m a Small Group Leader

I grew up active in youth group and was a youth director for two years in college. I enjoy taking the opportunity to give back to the church and serve a new generation. Plus at this point Sunday afternoon just feels empty without youth group in some form.