Calypso v. the Muscovies

A SHADOW BATTLE IS BEING FOUGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF MONTREAT! Muscovy ducks are determined to capture the prime feeding and breeding grounds found around the shores of Lake Susan, but a brave Miniature Rainbow Narwhal named Calypso that inhabits the lake is determined to stop the ducks. But how will Calypso, the last of her kind, stop the flocks of Muscovies while she is waiting for the last of her eggs to be hatched and cannot move! Seeing an opportunity, the Muscovy Ducks have called in human reinforcements to search for Calypso and remove her from the lake. Meanwhile, Calypso has also put out the call to human friends to protect her and keep her hidden until she is able to return to the lake.


  1. The game will last 1 hour.
  2. Calypso the Miniature Rainbow Narwhal will be hidden somewhere that can be found on this map. As the game progresses, DCPC Youth’s Insta will post maps indicating a smaller area to search (updates will be posted every 10 minutes). This means the playing area will shrink the closer we get to the end of the game.
  3. Members of the Muscovy team can win if time expires and Calypso is not at her nest.
  4. Members of Calypso’s team win if Calypso is in her nest at the end of 60 minutes.
  5. Tagging: there are no sides or bases in the game.
  6. Players can be eliminated from the game if they are tagged by a member of the opposite team while carrying Calypso. Any tagged team member then leaves the game. Tagging a player who is not holding Calypso has no effect. Tagging someone on your team has no effect.
  7. At the start of the game, you will be handed a playing card. If it is a red suit (hearts or diamonds), you are on Calypso’s side. If you it is black (spades or clubs), you are on the Muscovy side.