Catherine Bragg

About Me

I have been married to John for 28 years, and we have four children, ages 18-24. Three are in college, and one is in the working world in Atlanta! I enjoy spending time with friends and with my large extended family on both sides. I also enjoy volunteering at Blythe Elementary School, FeedNC, Caterpillar Ministries, and Habitat for Humanity. Some of my personal hobbies are gardening, tennis, playing outside, and working on creative projects! I love DCPC and all of my wonderful relationships that I have there with people from ages one to ninety!

Top 10

  1. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with chocolate syrup
  2. Real Coke
  3. Litchfield Beach
  4. Dinner with my hubby and four children
  5. Birthdays (anyone’s)
  6. Fun surprises
  7. Home grown flowers
  8. Pickled Peach with friends
  9. Montreat and Massanetta
  10. Hiking to a scenic spot

Why I’m a Small Group Leader

I enjoy learning with and from my group. I enjoy being silly! They keep me young!