Confirmation - 17-18

What is Confirmation? From The Book of Order:

The church nurtures those baptized as children and calls them to make public their personal profession of faith and their acceptance of responsibility in the life of the church. When these persons are ready, they shall be examined by the session. After the session has received them as active members they shall be presented to the congregation during a service of public worship. In that service the church shall confirm them in their baptismal identity. They shall reaffirm the vows taken at Baptism by

a. professing their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
b. renouncing evil and affirming their reliance on God’s grace,
c. declaring their intention to participate actively and responsibly in the worship and mission of the church.

They are commissioned for full participation in the mission and governance of the church, and are welcomed by the congregation.

Pre-Confirmation Conference We are asking all confirmands and at least one parent to meet with John Ryan to talk through the confirmation process and ensure everyone is on the same page. Conferences will be 30 minutes and held between August 22nd and 28th. You can register for your time slot here.

Registration Please register for Confirmation by clicking here. Cut-off for registration is September 10.

What’s New for 2017-2018 There are 3 big changes for this year:

  1. New schedule After feedback from leaders, we will be extending the confirmation curriculum to start earlier in the year (Nov. 5).
  2. New curriculum We are excited to be part of the first year of Colaborate, an innovative and unique curriculum that will address some of the tough questions of faith head-on through engaging videos and deep small group discussion.
  3. New approach to Faith Statements Rather than confirmands attempting to synthesize a faith statement at the end of Confirmation, we will be giving them prompts for reflection each week that they will respond to in a Google Doc. The answers to the prompts will then provide the foundation for their Faith Statement. Church staff and Small Group Leaders will also have access to the documents and will provide feedback and ask questions along the way. This means that Confirmands will need to have a Google account and either a laptop or smartphone to access their Faith Statement each week.

Important Dates While the curriculum phase of Confirmation does not begin until the Fall Retreat, the important process of community building for the Confirmation Small Groups will begin at our Youth Group Big Sunday Bash on September 10 and continue as confirmands and leaders build relationships. Feedback from Small Group Leaders the last two years have emphasized how much more meaningful the discussions become when Small Groups are safe places where everyone trusts each other with their doubts and questions. That trust can only be built through time together so we strongly recommend Confirmands make Youth Group a priority in September and October. Confirmation will take place during regular Youth Group time (5:30-6:30 pm). Confirmands are also encouraged to attend dinner before Youth Group as well (5-5:30 pm). Here is the full schedule:

Nov. 5 Opening Ceremony
Nov. 10-12 Fall Retreat (Sessions 1 & 2)
Nov. 19 Session 3
Dec. 3 Session 4
Dec. 10 Session 5
Jan. 7 Session 6
Jan. 14 Session 7
Jan. 28 Session 8
Feb. 25 Session 9
Mar. 4 Session 10
Mar. 11 Session 11
Mar. 18 Session 12
Mar. 25 Session 13
Apr. 8 Session 14
Apr. 15 Session 15
Apr. 22 Faith Statements Due
May 6 Confirmands meet with session
May 13 Confirmands presented in worship

Attendance Policy Any missed Confirmation sessions will need to be made up by completing a make-up session at home that will parents and youth will complete together. If you anticipate missing 3 or more sessions, please speak with Matt or John Ryan to discuss options.

Confirmation Documents