How we are going to stay connected this year

In-Person Youth Group

Youth Group is the main slot on the calendar nearly every week where youth and leaders gather to experience a community that loves God, loves others, and loves life. We will meet around (and sometimes inside) the Congregation House (across Concord Rd. and down a little from the main church building).

Our timing will be a little different this year so we can meet late enough that it’s convenient, but not so late that it’s dark and cold for nights we’re outside this winter. Here’s what it will look like:

Middle SchoolHigh School
Fall (9/20 – 10/25)4-5 pm6:30-7:30 pm
Winter (11/1-3/7)2-3 pm4:30-5:30 pm
Spring (3/14-5/23)4-5 pm6:30-7:30 pm

You can see what we’re doing on each night by checking our calendar.

Arriving & Departing

We do not have a set location for drop-off. Feel free to park in the lot beside the Congregation House, the street, or the library. The first time you come to Youth Group, make sure you check in at our Welcome Center located on the front porch of the Congregation House. A volunteer there will receive your Youth Group forms and help you find where your small group is meeting. Small groups will stay in the same spot from week to week so you can skip the Welcome Center once you know where your group meets and have turned in your forms.

It would be best for parents and students to communicate on a meeting spot for departure (e.g. across the street from the Congregation House, library parking lot, etc.). Students not sure where to meet their parents will wait with their small group leaders near the Welcome Center in front of the Congregation House.

What to bring

  • Forms
  • Mask
  • Camp chair or blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothes for being outside

What to expect

Students can expect a team of consistent adult leaders each week. These leaders (we call them SGLs, aka small group leaders) will remind everyone about safety procedures for the day and help connect youth to each other in conversation and games to start off. Some weeks will focus on teaching through a message and small group discussion, while other weeks will focus on checking in, connecting, and prayer. Youth Group will last an hour.

Virtual Youth Group

Whenever we have an in-person gathering, we will also have a virtual get-together on Zoom, and that includes Youth Group! Look for the Youth Ministry News email for links. Zoom Youth Group will take place at the same time as in-person Youth Group. You can expect the same content (teaching, discussion) and similar games that have been adapted to Zoom.

Affinity Groups

Something else we are hoping to do this school year is to start multi-generational groups around outdoor activities such as hiking, running, mountain biking, paddling, and more. Look for details on those soon!