Dorothy Gorman

About Me

I grew up just outside Atlanta and have been fortunate to travel and live many places before moving to beautiful Davidson. I am married to Colin Gorman, and we have two amazing kids, Conor (almost 5) and Clara (almost 2). My day job is marketing/sales executive for an education nonprofit. I love being a mom and having a career. I am close to my family – sisters and parents – and value anytime they get to come visit.

Top 10

  1. Running
  2. Fire pits
  3. SEC college football (go Dawgs!)
  4. French fries and ketchup
  5. Being outside just before it rains
  6. My kids’ giggles
  7. Piano music
  8. La Jolla in San Diego, CA
  9. Leading teams to solve hard problems at work
  10. Crossword puzzles

Why I’m a Small Group Leader

I feel called to be a great listener, true support, and encourager for the seventh grade girls. I am inspired by them and learn so much from them.