Peri Beatty

About Me

Hi, friends! My name is Peri and I’m so excited to be a small group leader this year! I’m a DCPC youth group alum myself and I can’t wait to jump back into it! While in high school, I served as a youth Deacon and volunteered as a counselor at Massanetta Springs. I graduated from Hough high school in 2017 and just finished my undergrad at College of Charleston in May. I recently moved back to the Charlotte area and I’m currently working as a behavioral therapist.

Top 10

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Tik tok
  3. The Bachelor
  4. Charleston and Lake Norman
  5. Massanetta/Montreat
  6. Olivia Rodrigo
  7. Marvel movies (and TV series)
  8. Cheerwine
  9. Going on walks
  10. Whit’s frozen custard
  11. Honorable mention: The Bagel Bin

Why I’m a Small Group Leader

As a youth, one of the main reasons I loved youth group was because it felt like an open and accepting community for me. My SGLs created a space where I truly felt encouraged to grow and deepen my faith in a safe place. Because of that, I feel passionately about wanting to give back to DCPC and share my amazing experiences for the next generation of youth! Also, selfishly, I can’t wait to go on youth group trips!