Peter Henry

About Me

The Henry family moved to Davidson in July 2019. There are five of us, with our two oldest children (Atticus and Haven) off to college and our youngest (Whittier) a freshman at Hough High School. I am a soccer player (I still play) and runner who really enjoys action movies, in general, and Marvel and Star Wars movies, in particular. I grew up near Chicago and am a big Cubs fan (baseball). I am the pastor of DCPC and our very family is very active. I tell people that we are not active in church because I am the minister. I am a minister and we are active because we believe that being part of a church adds things to our lives and to the community that no other group of people can.

Top 10

  1. Children
  2. Getting married to my wife Shawn
  3. Becoming a minister
  4. Backpacking in Alaska
  5. Canoeing in the boundary waters
  6. Pizza
  7. Star Wars
  8. Cubs 2016 World Series Victory
  9. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  10. Waking up each day.

Why I’m a Small Group Leader

For everyone- I like hanging out with middle schoolers because sometimes being an adult is boring. For parents- I think youth need adults who are not their parents to be invested in their lives. Period. I am sooooo grateful for the small group leaders who have made a difference in the lives of my children.