Screen & Scripture

Screen & Scripture is DCPC’s inter-generational Sunday School class with the aim of equipping participants with the skills to understand the Bible and the language of film.

The format is pretty simple: each week we will watch an InLighten Films short film. All of InLighten’s films are based off a passage from the Bible, so next we’ll turn our attention to reading and understanding that passage in a way that will share skills to help the Bible make more sense to us. From there we’ll switch from a seminary class to film school as we learn about a film technique used in the short and how and why it works to help tell the story the filmmakers are sharing with us. The only thing left after that is to watch the film again with our deeper understanding of the scripture passage and filmmaking to see how it all comes together.

Screen & Scripture begins on Sunday September 12th and runs 9:45-10:45 am in the Youth Lounge (Congregation House, bottom floor).