Tech Team

Tech Team (a.k.a. the A/V Club) Helpful Links:

Tech Team Instructions

  1. Get to your Big Group location before dinner and make sure that you have a TV, HDMI cords, and laptop ready to go.
  2. Connect the laptop to the TV and load the Google Slides file for Big Group (to find the right Slides file, click the Google Drive link above and navigate to the right folder for the month > day > MS or HS). Wouldn’t hurt to run through all the slides and make sure that the message video works without a hitch.
  3. In a separate tab, load the Spotify playlist for the evening (open up the Spotify link above and find the playlist with the same name as the current Youth Group series).
  4. Head to dinner and connect with the Big Group host you are working with (check the Sign Up Genius of Big Group responsibilities to find out who that is). After you finish eating, get back to the Big Group location before everyone else does. Get the computer going, start the music, and kick back.
  5. Keep the slides moving for the Big Group Host (title slide > game slide(s) > message slide > title slide). After the message is over and Small Groups are dismissed, shut down the laptop and TV and head to your SG.