Visiting Youth Group

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We love to welcome visitors to our Sunday night Youth Group experience! If you are considering joining us, here are some helpful things to know and do:

Check our calendar We do meet most Sunday nights, but take some time off around holidays and over the summer. Our calendar will let you know when we are having Youth Group and what we will be doing.

When to arrive Most of our youth and adult leaders will arrive in time for our All Youth Dinner at 5:00 pm. It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to your small group and get to know what we’re about. Or you can arrive in time for Youth Group at 5:30 pm. Youth Group wraps up at 6:30 pm.

Where to go All Youth Dinners are in the Congregation House (218 Concord Rd.). Just come in through the main doors on Concord Rd. and you will find us. Once inside someone will be there to greet you and help you find your small group or Small Group Leader. If you are coming after dinner, it would still be a good idea to meet us in the Congregation House at 5:30 pm as our Middle and High School students will often go to different rooms for Youth Group.

Where to park There is usually plenty of parking on Concord Rd. in front of the Congregation House. There is also parking in the spots along the driveway and behind the Congregation House. Please use the crosswalks if you park across the street!

What to expect Our delicious dinners start with a prayer and then we line up for food. Dinner costs $5, but we won’t turn anyone away who forgot their money. Announcements will happen just before the end of dinner and before we split off for Youth Group. Youth Group has two parts: Big Group and Small Group. During Big Group we will play a game and then hear a quick message, either from a live speaker or from a video. Big Group will last about 30 minutes. Big Group messages launch the conversation that then happen in Small Groups (also about 30 minutes). Small Groups are defined by grade and gender and happen in various rooms around the church. Most weeks Small Groups will play a quick game or have an icebreaker, talk about the message, check in on how everyone is doing, and then end in prayer. Middle School Small Groups will return to the Congregation House for pickup at 6:30.

Let us know you’re coming We will be on the lookout for you if we know to expect you! You can use this form to communicate with us: